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Hi I'm Mike Barchetti. I love the unique and the strange. I am opinionated, and love to discuss things. Humor is the spice of life, because nothing is ever off limits. With that being said, I am a very sarcastic and vulgar person. Besides my love of discourse, storytelling is something that I live for, and whenever the two meet, I am in my element. I'm very outgoing, and like to meet new people, so give me a shout!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NOthing is SOMEthing (2012)

Nothing can never really be nothing.  Thinking of nothing makes it something.  You may try picturing pitch black or pure white.  Yet, these are colors, and are something and cannot truly be nothing.  You envision nothing as an empty space.  Nothing cannot be this.  A "space" is something that can be given qualities like "emptiness."  You cannot think of nothing.  The word nothing signifies it as something.  However nothing is "no-thing."  It is the absence of something.  Nothing is the absence of thought, of anything, ever.  These words on this paper, the words that I am speaking, and even your thoughts about these words makes nothing something.  Nothing is a concept (or lack thereof) that is incomprehensible. It is beyond us, and is the absence of us, and everything we know or will ever know.  We are beings made of something, and have never and will never experience nothing.

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