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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coffee Cup Sleeve (An Ode) (2012)

Dear Coffee Cup Sleeve,
My bare hands are the damsel and you are the knight
That shields my naked skin from that damned dragon's fire.
You are an oven mitt that I never have to wear,
Sun block that never needs to be applied.

O Coffee Collar,
Your tan tattooed cardboard skin
Has hugged so many cups,
But I'm not green with envy, for
You always come back to me
When my finger are in need.

Here's to you Java Jacket,
You are my palm's messiah,
The selfless saint who never retires,
For you get resurrected and repurposed
when recycled.

O Coffee Cup Scarf,
Before you came into my life,
My waking world was filled with scorching pain.
Before we were introduced in that coffee shop,
I was vulnerable, fragile, timid,
I was scared of being burned and blistered.
You took that fear away.

O Cup Cover,
You not only keep me safe from harm,
But you also keep my beverage warm.
You are a paper prophet, a corrugated cup coat,
A recyclable rescuer, a holder for the heated,
And a cardboard crusader.
Cheers to you Coffee Clutch!

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