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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Curses upon Public Restroom "Toilet Paper" (2012)

I hate you; I hate you,
O, do I hate you.
I curse you and your makers.

Let them resort to using you, in
Their most dire and desperate times
With your tissue paper strength.
Let them try using you, like I have.

You are my reason,
For avoiding the public stall,
You with your 1/2 ply physique,
Your wholesale sized roll of discomfort.

Let your makers try,
Your frail and fragile form,
Your gritty and grainy softness.
Let them try.

You're the bane of
My restroom experience.
The thorn in my backside.
The great tease of the enjoyable relief.

Curses upon you,
Public restroom "toilet paper,"
You cruel cost effective demon.

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