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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fire and Brimestone (2012)

Never in my life had I seen a priest yell and scream,
I stood in disbelief as I watched his heart beating in his neck,
Veins full of anger pulsed to the rhythm of his rant,
His face grew red like a warning light, faster, deeper.

My manager stood planted to the ground.
Her roots gripping and clinging to the earth against his gusts of contempt,
Absorbing all of the priest's raging heat and radiant anger,
Catching all of the rain shot out of the volcano's mouth.

On Mother's Day I saw the priest's utter disgust tattooed on his face,
"How dare you seat them before me," he said in his heated hymn,
Poking at my manager with a hand made of nails and eyes like thorns,
Crucifixion was the only solution to this heinous act.

The seven sins were the priest's obnoxious aftershave,
It was the burning smell of fire and brimstone.

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