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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Heart redux (2012)

My Heart remains unsatisfied.
It is thirsty,
For a glass of your beauty.
It is longing,
To refresh its chapped lips with your liquid love.

My Heart continues searching.
It is lost,
In the tangled knots, drawn on that map.
It is absent,
Leaving behind a pink zipper on my chest.

You were the solar eclipse
That took its sight;
A magnet
Next to its compass.

You were the ivy
Climbing up its walls, but
Once leaves withered and fell,
You turned to a juniper.

My Heart still aches.
It is sore,
Like it went 3 rounds with Iron Mike.
It is tender,
After you hit it with that mallet over and over.

I can change the locks,
Brick up your entrance,
Dig a moat, and
Burn the bridges, but
Time waters flowers that bloom from ashes.

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