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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why Must Hindsight be 20/20? (2012)

Can you call it failure, if
You didn't really want to succeed?
My heart says yes, it drops
An anchor that'll never reach the bottom.
My mind says no, it opens
A parachute to stop the free fall.

Can you miss something, that
You never really had?
My heart says no,
The ship is pulled beneath the brine.
My mind says yes,
Thoughts and emotions get tangled in the nylon chute.

God, my head's like Boggle, with pieces that won't land.
Hindsight's lessons always seem
Out of focus and grainy.
Answers are given that cannot be read.
I must be dyslexic,
Or blind.

Forced onto the rack by my desires,
Is it solitude or is it confinement?
Affection or obsession?
Spin that wheel and I'll say "when,"
But wait - it's hard to speak with
Words made of peanut butter.

Do I really want this, or
Was I just curious?
Am I really in love, or
Was I trapped thinking of a flytrap?

Words can find their way, but
They wonder off one way, while
Actions speak with a megaphone
Leading me in another.

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