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Friday, August 9, 2013

Green to Blue (2013)

The ocean is a rippling blanket,
Hiding another world from my eyes.
From green to blue and shallow to deep,
The ocean resembles a patch-work quilt.

The shore has the quilt in its grasp.
A blanket pulled up to keep warm, to stay hidden,
Gaia's underneath and is restless.

It's strange that
Something so tranquil;
The rhythmic splash of water on sand; is
Something so violent.
Each splash is evidence of the
Abuse on the granular geometry.

Waves of the patch-work fabric crash onto Earth.
Lint from Gaia's quilt sprays a passerby, with a
Mist of cool salty droplets.

Here there are two plains of existence,
Overlapping but not quite mixing.
A world shrouded, hidden behind green and blue, while
Another basks in plain sight.

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