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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Bistro (2009)

The Bistro, the best “hang out” that the Beaver campus has to offer, usually has someone in it. Today is no different than any other. At 4:45 pm the school cafeteria is still bustling. Girls sitting with their friends gossiping, guys hanging out with their groups making jokes, and the quiet kids sitting by themselves silently enjoying their meals. The look on peoples’ faces make it seem, as though something important is about to happen. Though it may appear impossible the Penn State Beaver campus does help out with the community, through the vessel of “Big Brothers, Big Sisters”.

Chatting on cells phones is a common past time for some in the “Stro” as some call it. People gathered together from many different backgrounds and lifestyles sharing a laugh here and there. It appears there is another shining spot amongst the dark moments on this campus.

The food is unique to this eatery. The food always looks so delicious and nourishing. In reality, it is the opposite most of the time. Often over priced, unless you live here, the food is always seems to be unsatisfying. Halfway through your meal you find yourself asking why you bought this food. The selection never helps, though there is diamonds in the rough so-to-speak.

In a flash, the Bistro empties, and everyone goes about their own lives. It is almost as if everyone leaves at the same time. Only 15 minutes ago there were many lives interacting with each other, connecting in other words. Now looking around all I can see is a laid-back officer of the law, a Bistro employee, and a few quiet students. The loud voices from ESPN are audible throughout the entire cafeteria. The tables appear “used” as crumbs and napkins litter their surfaces. The chairs are scattered around the room and don’t appear to belong to any specific table.

A few familiar faces walk by but don’t stop to say hi. They must be in a hurry. Another use of this place is a shortcut to the single dorm hall on campus. I wonder if the people who built this knew that students would use this place for transit just as much for eating. Potential couples laugh and chit chat as they exit the “store” or the kitchen. The register lady hunches over the counter reading her “People” or “OK” gossip magazines, only playing into the mainstream machine. I guess we all play into it, as it is a social norm that young adults come to college. The illusion of independence hangs heavy in the air, here at the Bistro.

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